1999     ESTC – Degreein Theater, Actors and Directors



2014     Feature film ARAIGNÉE ROUGE director Frank Florentino | Color Dreams Productions  

2007     Feature film ÁGUAS MIL director Ivo Ferreira | Movies of the Tagus

2004     Feature film ANIMAL director Roselyne Bosh | Studio Légende

2000     Feature film DOUBLE EXILE OR DUPLO EXÍLIO director Artur Ribeiro | A.S. Productions  

2000     Short film WHEN THE SUN TOUCHES THE MOON written and directed by Pedro Palma | Take 2000



2017     THE CHILDREN OF THE MOTHERS collective co-creation | Directed by Martim Pedroso

2014     GET TO SEE YOUR FEET collective co-creation | Directed by Martim Pedroso

2013     LOOK BACK IN ANGER by John Osborn | Directed by Martim Pedroso

2013     THE COUNTRY by Martin Crimp |  Directed by Pedro Mexia

2010     THE GOD OF CARNAGE by Yasmina Reza | Directed by João Lourenço

2006     URGENCIES | as Assistant to director

2006     THE 4 TWINS  of copi | Artistic direction of Joana Brandão

2006     PERVERSOS by David Mamet |  Directed by Marco António Del-Carlo

2005     SHAKERS Directed  by Almeno Gonçalves

2004     URGENCIES - GENÉBRA  Directed by Pedro Mexia | Coordination Tiago Rodrigues

2004     HOW I LEARNED TO DRIVE by Paula Vogel | Directed by Fernanda Lapa

2002     AMOK by Jacinto Lucas Pires from Stephen Zweig | Directed by Luis Gaspar

2001     DIVISIONS of Brian Friel, Directed by Bruno Bravo

2000     POPCORN by Ben Elton | Directed by António Feio

1999     CHORAR PARA RIR by Marcel Sabourin | Directed by Hugo Sequeira

1999     INTER-RAIL by Abel Neves | Staging by Álvaro Correia

1999     THE 12 OF ENGLAND (street show) | Directed by João Mota

1999     IN-TER-VA-LO (BREAK) by Jaime Salazar Sampaio | Co-production with Catarina Requeijo

1998     THE PUBLIC of Frederico Garcia Lorca | Directed by Pedro Alvaréz Osório

1998     ALL IN THE GARDEN by Edward Albee |  Directed by Miguel Romeira

1998     FISHERMAN BY THE LINE by Jaime S. Sampaio | Direction of António Simão (project Sem Deus nem chefe of Jorge Silva Melo)

1997     TRIÁLOGO OR THE PINK VORTEX Directed by Pedro Saavedra

1997     THE BOY OF BELÉM by Manuel M. Mediero |  Directed by Tiago Rodrigues

1997     PEACHES by Nick Grosso |  Directed by José Wallenstein



2017     Series WHERE IS ELISA - antagonist | TVI

2016     Series MULHERES - protagonist | RTP

2016     Telenovela A IMPOSTORA - main cast | TVI

2015     Telenovela PROHIBITED GARDENS - main cast | TVI

2013     Telenovela O BEJO DO ESCORPIÃO - main cast | TVI

2012     Telenovela DANCIN DAYS - main cast | SIC

2010     Telenovela LAÇOS DE SANGUE - main cast | SIC

2010     Series LUA VERMELHA - main cast | SIC

2009     Telenovela PODIA ACABAR O MUNDO - protagonist | SIC

2008     Telenovela FASCÍNIOS - main cast | TVI

2008     TV movie CASES OF LIFE - protagonist | TVI

2007     Series THE LAST TREASURE - protagonist | RTP

2006     Series THE TESTAMENT - protagonist | Of Jorge Queiroga | RTP and TPA

2005     Telenovela NINGUÉM COMO TU- main cast | TVI

2004     Series II STRAWBERRIES WITH SUGAR - main cast | TVI

2003     Telenovela O TEU OLHAR - Antagonist | TVI

2002     Telenovela THE LAST KISS - protagonist | Tvi

2002     TV movie O MEU SOSIA E EU - protagonist | Directed by Tiago Guedes de Carvalho | RTP

2001     TV movie HORA DA MORTE protagonist | Directed by José Nascimento | RTP

2000     Telenovela ALL THE TIME OF THE WORLD - guest star | TVI

2000     Series S.O.S. CHILDREN - main cast | TVI

1999     Series FURA VIDAS - main cast | Jorge Queiroga | SIC

1999     Series A LIFE OF GARRETT - guest star | Francisco Manso | RTP

1998     Series RISCOS - guest star | RTP



Languages: English, French and Spanish (Castilian)

Musical instruments: Singing (Hot-Club of Portugal) and Piano (Classical basic formation)

Regular participation in Tv and radio locutions, dubbing and documentaries



Height: 1.69

Jacket: 34

Shirt: xs/s

Pants/skirt: 34/36

Shoes: 37/38


Hair: castanho

eyes: castanhos

Joana Seixas
* 1976
Diana Nicolau
Gabriela Barros
Joana Manuel
Joana Seixas
Mafalda Rodiles
Patrícia André
Rita Brütt
Sandra Faleiro
Susana Arrais
Vera Kolodzig

André Nunes
Joăo Cabral
Manuel Wiborg
Miguel Bogalho
Paulo Pinto
Pedro Carvalho
Renato Godinho
Ricardo de Sá
Rodrigo Paganelli
Rui Melo