2015     Feature Film BEFORE DAWN directed by Maria Schrader 

2012     Feature Film AS LINHAS DE WELLINGTON directed by Valeria Sarmiento

2011     Feature Film O GRANDE KILAPY directed by Zézé Gamboa

2011     Feature Film JE M’APPELLE BERNADETTE directed by Jean Sagols

2010     Feature Film MISTÉRIOS DE LISBOA directed by Raul Ruiz  

2009     Feature Film PERDIDA MENTE directed by Margarida Gil

2004     Feature Film PELE directed by Fernando Vendrell

2003     Feature Film KISS ME directed by António da Cunha Telles

1999     Feature Film ANTÓNIO UM RAPAZ DE LISBOA directed by Jorge Silva Melo

1998     Short Film CINEMAMOR directed by Jacinto Lucas Pires

1993     Medium Length A TREMONHA DE CRISTAL directed by António Campos

1992     Feature Film COITADO DO JORGE directed by Jorge Silva Melo 

1992     Feature Film DAS TRIPAS CORAÇÃO directed by Joaquim Pinto

1991     Feature Film XAVIER directed by Manuel Mozos



2015     LITTLE EYOLF by Henrik Ibsen | direction

2013     MY DINNER WITH ANDRE by Wallace Shawn e André Gregory | direction and interpretation 

2013     I AM THE WIND by Jon Fosse | (co-director with Diogo Dória) | direction and interpretation 

2011     DO AMOR (OF LOVE) by Lars Nóren | directed by Solveig Nordlung  

2010     LA MUSICA (THE MUSIC) by Marguerite Duras | directed by Solveig Nordlund

2009     GOD’S EAR by Jenny Schwartz | directed by Cristina Carvalhal

2008     AOS PEIXES (TO THE FISH) by José M. Vieira Mendes (based on Moby Dick) | direction and interpretation

2007     DEBAIXO DA CIDADE (UNDER THE CITY) by Gonçalo M. Tavares | (co-director with Cláudio Silva) | direction and interpretation

2007     FROM MYTH TO MUSIC (Based on Ovid’s Metamorphoses) | narrated concert with Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra (Canada)

2006     SEVEN DAYS IN THE LIFE OF SIMON LABROSSE by Carole Fréchette | directed by Maria Emília Correia

2006     A CLOCKWORK ORANGE by Anthony Burgess | direction

2005     AMÉRICA by Biljana Srbljanovic | direction and interpretation

2004     VOU LÁ VISITAR PASTORES (I’M GOING TO VISIT SHEPHERDS) by Rui Guilherme Lopes| direction and interpretation

2004     PETER AND THE WOLF by Prokofiev | narrated concert in portuguese and french

2003     CREDITORS by August Strindberg | directed by Rogério de Carvalho

2003     FAMILY STORIES by Biljana Srbljanovic | direction

2002     THE COLLECTION by Harold Pinter | directed by Artur Ramos

2002     O HOMEM OU É TONTO OU É MULHER de Gonçalo M. Tavares | encenação e interpretação

2001     THE RULES OF ATTRACTION by Rui Guilherme Lopes (based on Bret Easton Ellis) | direction and interpretation

2000     LÁ AO FUNDO O RIO (THE RIVER AT THE END) by José Maria V. Mendes (based on Dostoievsky) | direction and interpretation

1999     CRIME AND PUNISHMENT by José Maria Vieira Mendes (based on Dostoievsky) | direction and interpretation

1999     TO THOSE BORN LATER  - OF POOR BB by Bertolt Brecht | directed by Jorge Silva Melo

1999     THE DOWNFALL OF THE EGOTIST JOHAN FATZER by Bertolt Brecht | directed by Jorge Silva Melo

1998     UNIVERSOS E FRIGORÍFICOS (UNIVERSES AND REFRIGERATORS) by Jacinto Lucas Pires | | direction and interpretation

1998     O AMANTE DE NINGUÉM (NOBODY’S LOVER) by Manuel Wiborg (based on Dostoievsky) | direction and interpretation

1997     PROMETEU AGRILHOADO/LIBERTADO (PROMETHEUS BOUND/UNBOUND) written and directed by Jorge Silva Melo

1996     GERMANIA 3 by Heiner Müller | directed Jean Jourdheuil

1996     O FIM OU TENDE MISERICÓRDIA DE NÓS NÓS (THE END OR HAVE MERCY ON US) written and directed by Jorge Silva Melo

1995     ANTÓNIO, UM RAPAZ DE LISBOA (ANTÓNIO, A BOY FROM LISBON) written and directed by Jorge Silva Melo

*Works since 1995 



2016/7   Telenovela O SÁBIO | TVI

2016     Telenovela A IMPOSTORA | TVI

2015     Telenovela A ÚNICA MULHER | TVI 

2014     Telenovela MULHERES | TVI 

2013     TV Series FÁBRICA DOS PENTES | Canal Q


2012     TV Series MAISON CLOSE | Canal+ - France

2012     TV Series L’ODYSSÉE | Canal ARTE - France 

2011     Television Film O PROFETA | TVI

2011     Television Film ANITA | RAI - Italy

2011     Television Film NOITE DE PAZ | RTP

*Works since 2011 



2001     Revelation award by the Ministry of Culture for the direction of the play AS REGRAS DA ATRAÇÃO

1993     Best acting at Dunkerk International Film Festival with the feature film COITADO DO JORGE (POOR JORGE)



Languages: English, Spanish and French

Sports: Tenis, Horse riding, Diving and Sailing

Others: Driving license (light vehicles and motorcycles) and diver card



Height: 1.77

Coat: L

Shirt: L

Trousers: L

Shoes: 41


Hair: light brown

Eyes: brown

Manuel Wiborg
* 1968
Diana Nicolau
Gabriela Barros
Joana Manuel
Joana Seixas
Mafalda Rodiles
Patrícia André
Rita Brütt
Sandra Faleiro
Susana Arrais
Vera Kolodzig

André Nunes
Joăo Cabral
Manuel Wiborg
Miguel Bogalho
Paulo Pinto
Pedro Carvalho
Renato Godinho
Ricardo de Sá
Rodrigo Paganelli
Rui Melo